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Gay's Baseball Team

Sports Personnel, Athletes, Manners and Customs, Recreation, Sports, Ball Games, Baseball, One of Gay's Baseball Teams [Baseball team with uniforms and equipment posing outside in Gay, Michigan]

Scanned: July 12, 2017

The School at Gay

Buildings, Public Buildings, Persons, Education, Education, Elementary The School at Gay [School children and teacher in front of school house at Gay, Michigan]

Scanned: July 12, 2017

Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mechanics Building

Buildings, Engineering, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher [The Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mechanics (MEEM) Building soon after its construction]

Scanned: July 5, 2017

Corner of Isle Royale and Sheldon Streets

Buildings, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Corner of Sheldon and Isle Royale Sts. where Houghton National Bank Stands. [Image of several buildings lining the dirt road. A man leans against a post in front of a building.]

Scanned: March 15, 2017

Biography - Earl Tappan Stannard

Persons, Engineering, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher Earl Tappan Stannard, Doctor of Engineering, 1936. [A portrait of Earl Tappan Stannard, President of the Kennecott Copper Corporation and Michigan Tech Honorary Degree Recipient.]

Scanned: March 9, 2017

Portrait of an Unidentified Woman

Persons, , [Studio portrait of an unidentified woman standing in front of an outdoor scene.]

Scanned: March 2, 2017

Crebassa Family Portrait

Persons, , Peter Crebassa at left. [Studio portrait of the Crebassa family. Peter Crebassa at left with 3 members of the family.]

Scanned: March 2, 2017

M.E. Church at Zeba

Buildings, Church Buildings, , M.E. Church at Zeba [Exterior view of the Methodist Church at Zeba, MI .]

Scanned: February 7, 2017


Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Company Towns, Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, [Mining town site Ghyllbank on Isle Royale. The town was owned by the Wendigo Copper Company in the early 1890s. Image shows various buildings standing in a forest clearing near the water. Some boats are anchored in the bay.]

Scanned: February 1, 2017

Copper Country Mall

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, Woody Plants, Trees, Retail Trade, Stores, Retail Site description: The Copper Country Mall site is a 21.8 acre parcel located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of State Highway M-26 and Green Acres Road, approximately 1.5 miles south of Houghton. The parcel has 870 feet of frontage on Highway M-26 and 216 feet on Green Acres Road. An existing auto dealer occupies 62,500 square feet at the corner of the intersection. The site is characterized by gently rolling, lightly wooded terrain. K. Bordner Consultants.

Scanned: July 17, 2015