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Herzog Farm on Portage Lake

Buildings, Farm Buildings, Barns, Persons, Water Herzog farm on Portage Lake, 4 miles from Dreamland Hotel [A photo of several people standing in a field near a log farmhouse. A make shift bridge runs across a creek.]

Scanned: January 12, 2010


Ships, Water, [A large boat slams out of its dry dock and into the water]

Scanned: December 4, 2007


Ships, Water, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress "Schooner" in dry dock [A photo of a boat in its dry dock with men on the deck]

Scanned: December 4, 2007

Men Swimming

Persons, Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Water, Lakes Bare A. Beach [A photo of seven nude men about to jump into a lake. The photo has the words "B. A. Beach" written on the front. The photo is stained, faded and mounted on a cardboard matte.]

Scanned: September 26, 2005

Log Landing

Agriculture, Water, Lakes, Log Landing, Bob Nara's cottage on point now [A photo of a dilapidated shed near a body of water. A horse and buggy are in the center of the photo and a number of fences are visible.]

Scanned: March 29, 2006

Lake Bailey or Medora

Water, Lakes, , Lake Bailey or Medora [A photo of a lake surrounded by trees. Three men are in a boat on the lake.]

Scanned: March 31, 2006


Water, Lakes, Aids to Navigation, Lighthousers, Lighthouse [A photo of a lighthouse and a breakwater along the lake.]

Scanned: March 31, 2006

Healthy Cow

Water, Lakes, , Healthy Cow [A photo of a cow and two ducks near a lake.]

Scanned: March 31, 2006

Rabbit Island

Water, Lakes, Aids to Navigation, Lighthousers, Rabbit Island [A photo of a small island with a lighthouse.]

Scanned: March 31, 2006

Railroad Construction Scene

Railroad Companies, Water, Rivers, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Railroad Construction Scene - 3 unidentified people [A photo of three people standing by a small creek. Several piles of railroad ties appear in the background. The original photo is pretty dark.]

Scanned: April 7, 2006