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• This is Adventure Avenue or what is sometimes known as Depot Road looking north from probably the Mineral Range Railroad Depot. This is one of the first wagon roads built within Mass City which was probably constructed around 1889 when the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul built the first railroad and railroad depot in Greenland Township (Mass City was platted within Greenland Township in 1899). The Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad as well as its depot would be located in the exact opposite direction of this photograph. Adventure Avenue was built to connect the new depot with Greenland (Behind the bluff in the photograph, established in 1853).The Mineral Range came to Mass City in 1900 and built their track and depot to cross Adventure Avenue between the heart of Mass City and the Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Paul depot. The Mass City fire house with its bell tower is in the picture on the right. The fire house was later moved to Adventure Avenue which it serves as the Mass City Community Center.The Adventure Mine is located at the end of the bare bluff on the right which is where the Copper Range entered the property and Greenland. Three Railroads serviced Mass City at one time - The Copper Range, The Mineral Range, and Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul.The Mass Consolidated Copper Mine would is located on the left side of the photograph at the end of the bluff" The Mineral Range Railroad's track ran alongside the bottom of the bluff from right to left to get to the Mass Consolidated Mine. This photograph is looking North. To the right (East), the Mineral Range ran its road 34 miles to the Mass Consolidated Mine’s stamp mill at Keweenaw Bay. It also ran its track to the left (west) where it for a time period carried the Michigan's Mine's (Rockland) copper ore to the MCMC stamp mill where it was under contract to stamp their copper ore. The Mineral Range tracks ended in Ontonagon County at the Michigan and Mass Consolidated Mines, but had agreements to run trains along the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul line to get to Ontonagon. Notice the power pole on the right. Originally, The Mass Consolidated Mine supplied Mass City with power. Once the mine was shut down in 1919, so was the electrical power. Jay LukkarilaMining"
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