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• The Steeple in the center left is from the St Paul's Lutheran Church which was on Scott street at that time. The congregation was later forced to relocate to Tamarack street in Laurium as C&H had planned to use the site. But after the church was gone C & H never used the spot. The long roof line near the bottom of the photo is probably St Patrick's Catholic church which was on the site where St Anne's was later built (corner of 5th and Scott).
4/12/2015 3:50:40 PM by Anonymous
• Good info in previous comment except the reference to St Patrick's should be to St Louis RC Church which predated St Anne's. St Patrick's was there before St Louis but it was termed a Hall not a church. It was more of a social gathering place (poetry readings, speeches, plays, etc.)
9/6/2016 ; 2:32:50PM by Anonymous