Spitzbergen Locations

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• The Arctic Coal Company store and warehouse #3. The building was originally a hotel placed on Advent Point, on Advent Fjord. The building was prefabricated in Norway and built in 1896 by Vesteraalen Seamship Company, and could accommodate 25 guests. The Arctic Coal Company bought the hotel in 1905 for use in its coal mining operations. The company moved the building to this location, Longyear City, in 1908. A wide variety of goods were sold here, apparently at a very reasonable price. (source: Nathan Haskall Dole, 1922. America in Spitsbergen: The Romance of an Arctic Coal Mine." (Boston: Marshall Jones Company.)'Spitzbergen' is also spelled 'Spitsbergen,' and is now known as 'Svalbard.'"
3/5/2008 6:54:58 PM by cchartne, Svalbard Researcher