Victoria Mine and Dam

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• The mine was located four miles west of Rockland. It was discovered in old Inidan pits and when first worked in 1849, was known as the Cushing. The mine was organized one year later and saw a part of it being set off to make what was known as the Glen mine, it too, having been discovered through ancient Indian workings. For a long period of time it was known as the Forest mine. Nearby was the Shirley Mining Company and farther west was the Tremont and Devon.The company didn't get its Victoria name until 1858. Water power was talked of in the early days, but it remained for Captain Thomas Hooper to accomplish that when he opened the Victoria again in 1898.The Victoria was operated up to 1921 by Captain Hooper's son, George. According to word that got around, the mine was making considerable copper, but ther was too much development work going on right along in the underground working, the expense of which took all the cash that was made from the sale of copper.Then as some of the elderly Rockland residents have stated, As no dividends were coming in, the company decided to close down and in 1921 that is just what was done. [Daily Mining Gazette Article - October 9, 1953 Edition.]"
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