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• The vehicle is a circa 1908 Ford N Runabout. Ford Models N, R and S are identified by the radiator with winged Ford script and water pump mounted in the radiator under the crank handle. Models N and S Runabouts had 28 x 3 tires while Models R and S Roadsters had 30 x 3's. The wheels on this one are clearly the smaller size. Only Model N's had buggy type step plates (the drivers side is visible in this photo between right front wheel and horn). N's also had fenders with no lip around the perimeter, as these are, while the others all had lips. The square lense side lights would make it a late '07 or 1908 model as the earlier ones had round lenses. I have a 1906 N Runabout in process of restoration.This car is also in Image Nara 42-018A.
2/8/2007 10:40:41 AM by Anonymous