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• Orrin W. Robinson, of Chassell, Houghton County, was born in Claremont, August 12, 1834, where he acquired a district school education. At the age of 19, he moved to Ontonagon, Michigan where he remained for two years, employed in the mines and then started for Green Bay, WI, making an overland trip with snow shoes, while the provisions and blankets were carried by dog-train. He camped in the woods at night, taking about two weeks to make the trip. From Green Bay he went to Kossuth County, Iowa, returning to Hancock, MI, he engaged as receiving and shipping clerk for the Quincy mine, which occupation he followed 12 years. In 1873, he organized the Sturgeon River Lumber Co., and built mills at Hancock, which were removed to Chassell in the fall of 1887. He was superintendent of the poor for Houghton county; was a delegate to the national convention in 1892; served in the House in 1895 and the Senate in 1897. He was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1899. Closely identified with all the public improvements of his district, he witnessed the change from a frontier wilderness to a civilized and prosperous country. [Michigan Historical Collection, Vol. 32]
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