Thibodeau, Dreamland

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• Taken by J. W. Nara 1913 or 1914 of Prosper Thibodeau on property that he bought from Thibodeau's son after the father died. The disc. of property is in Sec. 7-54-32 West and originally contained about 60 acres. J. W. Nara sold most of the shore line as lots for summer homes. The plat of the property which was surveyed by a Mr. Mattson of Mich. Tech and was named Prosper Park in honor of the original owner who homsteaded the property in 1860 on which we still have a copy of the homstead papers signed by President Buchanan. The man in the background is not known. Mr. P. Thibodeau was living in this shack after his log cabin burned down. About 16 acres of this property now belongs to Dr. R. O. Nara and on which there is about 1000' of shoreline on the so called Point" part of the property. (Dated 1/16/65 - W. O. Nara) [From back of photograph]"
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