Unknown Church

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• This is the main light and Kepper's dwelling of the Range Lights at Copper Harbor. A Light was placed in front of the cupola directly above the door. The forward range light is on the shoreline at a lower level. By lining the upper and lower lights together, a ship could navigate safely into Copper Harbor between Hay's Point and the rocky shoals. The bridge is across Fanny Hooe Creek and was located about 50 meters north of the present concrete bridege erected in the 1920's. The abutments for this previous bridge still exist in the banks of the creek adjacent to Ft. Wilkins Historic State Park's Lighthouse Overlook". Attached picture (digital archives image MS042-058-999-W747B by J.T. Reeder) is taken from the southeast just inside the Fort's west gate. It is of the Range Light Dweller's House, the "new" concrete bridge over Fanny Hooe Creek, and the barn later moved 30 meters north and used as a dormitory for seasonal workers and archaeologists.

10/17/2011 10:44:38 AM by Anonymous
• This is the Copper Harbor rear-range lighthouse.
11/24/2010 1:12:16 PM by Anonymous