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• I was on the Varsity Golf Team from 1965-1968 and our Coach was John MacInnes. I have great memories of traveling around the state in a Plymouth station wagon with a State of Michigan logo on the side. We would load it up with 5 golfers and the coach with all of our clubs and luggage and hit the road for a week at a time each taking our time at the wheel.There was a lot of time to talk on these trip and Coach MacInnes would talk about his time as a goalie and was called up to the NHL during the Stanley Cup. He missed the train and never got to play, as his team, (Red Wings?) were eliminated. The season was short so we missed a lot of classes in the spring team. There was no fall golf.We had a winning team throughout the years and in 1967 won the NIC with myself, Andy Anderson, Bob Kieber, Bill Peterson, Dave Confrey(Varsity Hockey,) and Dick Sieradzki(Varsity Hockey).Our best trips were to the lower to play the Big Ten schools and west to Minnesota.I would like to see the sport brought back and have fund raisers during the annual reunions.-Peter Balzola, 1968
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