Sports and Recreation - Football - 1911

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• One of the most formidable football teams ever sponsored by an independent organization in the Copper Country was the Quincy One and All Football squad of 1911. What is notable about the group, according to William Towsey of Hancock, the former Quincy miner who owns the picture from which the newspaper photo was taken, is that the entire team was composed of former residents of Cornwall or persons who were descendents of native Cornwallian ancestry.Some sixty years ago, Bill Towsey was a member of this organization, the reason for his possessing the picture.He recalls that it was Carl Silven who took the picture and that at one time he had his studio on Reservation Street, approximately where the Gartner warehouse is now, the former Venice Cafe. All members of the Quincy team worked for the Old Reliable Co. They were mainly underground employees but working in the shops or on surface was no deterrent to belonging.Actually the game played was a sort of English soccer. Towsey recalls that there were five teams which made up the football league of the day. These were Mohawk, Calumet, Baltic and Painesdale. Towsey says the that mining companies did not sponsor the squads, but the incentive to start and maintain a team had to come from the unit or community itself.On various occasions there were six mining captains who were members of the squad, Kendall, Jacobs, Mauders, Sampson, Francis and Williams. [Excerpt from a Daily Mining Gazette Greensheet Article - July 1, 1972.]
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