Copper Miners

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• I have a similar version of this picture, the date is in the teens but the last number is rubbed off from where it was mounted. This picture was taken either between 1910 and late 1911 or 1913 and 1916, because my grandfather is seated second from the bottom row, on the right and he was not in the country between late 1911 and early 1913. He later volunteered to be part of the fire/rescue team and I have somewhere some of the pictures of the team and certificates he earned, one picture I have is Mine Rescue Crew [Image #:MS033-002-024-001] in these archives. A similar picture hanging in the hoist when we were there last in '96 or '97. The people at the hoist didn't care much about my mother being able to ID some of the people in the picture for some reason and since my mother passed on.
2/14/2008 5:49:15 PM by gsiciliano
• I would like to know some of the people in the photo, as my grandfather and father also worked in the mines, I have so few pics of them.
2/22/2008 1:03:48 PM by Anonymous
Name:Thomas Powers
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I would love to know some of the people in this photo as well. My father, Thomas Powers, my grandfather, Thomas Richard Powers, and great grandfather, Michael Powers all worked there at different times. When this picture was taken my grandfather Thomas Richard Powers wouldn't have been in the picture because he left Hancock in 1908 or so and went west. My father and his brothers could have been there as youngsters. My father was born in November 1902 and his older brother, Harold T. Powers in June 1898. Tom Powers,
3/19/2012 6:58:15 PM by Anonymous