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• Great picture! I can identify this cabin by the lay of the land. Today it serves as the Visitor Center at Old Victoria. Built in 1899 by the Victoria Copper Mining Company, it was restored in the mid-1970s. -- Patty Pattison
1/21/2012 3:48:47 PM by Anonymous
• Back of print states: This is a closeup of one of the cabins which served the Victoria in the days prior to 1900. The Victoria mine has two predecessors which came into existence shortly after 1850. These were the Cushion and Forest firms. This photo in the deep forest country of the Victoria, was taken when the temperature was three degrees below zero and the deep snow almost blocked entrance to the site. In the early days of these cabins the only drinking water came from shallow wells. Privies normally were in the rear of the house, but not over 50 feet from each domicile.""
11/3/2006 1:06:09 PM by Christine Holland, MTU Archives