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• This is a Michigan mobile crane owned by Marathon Paper Corp & operated by my Dad - John Joseph Brogan - "Jack" - he is loading peeled logs into a railroad gondola assisted by Eino Lehto in the hard hat. Bob Funke was the foreman & office manager & scaler - as the truck load of logs came into the Marathon yard Bob scaled the load determining the approximate board feet of the load. The Marathon landing was across the tracks from the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad (right behind the photographer). The bark on the logs was "peeled" off by a huge debarking machine made in Sweden which arrived in a very large wooden crate. It was installed behind the yard office towards the Falls River, when it was operating you could hear the noise in downtown L'Anse & across the Bay! It used a huge amount of water to flush the bark out of the revolving drum. (Dad died in a car accident March 1955.)
2018-01-25 - 17:27:00 by Gary A Brogan