Fire Place

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Name:John Griebel
MTU Class of:2000, 2008
This is an early example of adaptive reuse" of a former site. The woman is cooking at a fireplace that was originally one half of the heating/cooking feature of the two-family Married Enlisted Men's Quarters at Ft. Wilkins. This would be the fireplace/chimney arrangement that was once center in Cabin # 4. One can see the 'ceiling' and 'roof line' in the white paint on the chimney: straight for the ceiling, and an inverted "V" for the roof. There would be two fireplaces facing opposite directions so that one chimney would suffice for two living units under one roof. The single-log wall construction of these cabins was not as weather-resistant as the buildings of the Fort's interior that had clapboard siding and finished interior walls. All four Married Enlisted Men's Cabins have been reconstructed around the original chimney/fireplace features."
9/22/2011 11:31:13 AM by Anonymous