Osceola Mine Fire Shaft #3 rear view

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• Larry Lankton's book _Cradle to grave : life, work, and death at the Lake Superior copper mines_ (New York : Oxford University Press, 1991) gives a description of this fire on pages 122-124. He indicates that the fire started on September 7, 1895.The annual Mine Inspector's Report for Houghton County for the year ending September 30, 1895 has a long description of this accident as well. It lists a total of 30 men who died:Captain Richard Trembath, Richard Bickle, Thomas Curtis, Alexander Daniel, Richard Grenfell, James Williams, Frank Lander Jr., Michael Johnson, Isaac Harrio, Peter Strandgaard, John Matson, Andrew Rosinski, Michael Schultz, Joseph Rasec, Steve Oriski, Michael Slotta, Joseph Slotta, Mike Voak, Vene Verbenz, Steve Ristivick, Fred C. Peardon, John Cudlip, William Bryant, Barney Hellner, James D. Harrington, Anton Zeswick, William H. Donald, Robert Johns, Peter Malmstrom, and Walter Dahl.
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