Copper Falls Mill- Road Work on Calumet Ave.- View from Osceola No.3

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• Osceola train station is in the middle left of this photo, I don't know where the Copper Falls Mill part comes in from the description, mines in the distant are probably south C&H mines
10/4/2007 9:14:49 PM by yooper557
• This is a photo of the Osceola Mining Co. Area around Shafts # 1 and 2, looking north/northwest towards Swedetown left, Tamarack location center rear and Calumet, right. The stone building lower left is the Mining Captain's Office, still standing on Store Street. Copper Falls Mill may be the name of one of the buildings along Mine Street running diagonally from center to lower left. The rail spur lower right and some of the lumber in the warehouse are also still on the ground there. The large rockpile is from #2 and the foundation for the old Cornish engine is just up-right of the rockpile, the other side of the rail line. The depot is the low gray building just above and right of the Captain's Office. The dark building on the left edge is a hall and gymnasium.
11/24/2008 11:44:07 AM by jegriebe