Street Cars in Lake Linden

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• Commented on this on your Facebook page. The date when this photo was taken is way wrong or the photographer had a great sense of the future with photos. The streetcar company was started in 1899 and ran between Houghton and Hancock originally. Regular service started in October 1900. The photo looks to have been an accident between two street cars, the streetcar on the left is derailed and also looks to have damage to its right side. The middle streetcar is either passing or is part of the accident, I believe it was part of the accident, the streetcar on the very right looks to have a drawbar hooking it to the middle one and is helping move it. Clarence Monette's book, Houghton County's Streetcars and Electric Park has this photo on the cover with a date of 1909 and part of the collection of Richard Dana, its a more clear version of the same photo.
2017-11-19 - 18:39:00 by yooper557