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Name:Ted Cole
MTU Class of:1975
Yes, Spanky's became Diamond Mikes about 1974. It had a bar downstairs, and 3 rooms upstairs, with an upstairs bar it used on busy nights.
1/16/2010 4:01:33 PM by Anonymous
Name:Jodi Behm Bondy
MTU Class of:1982
The photo you have listed as Spanky’s in the 60’s, I believe that one was where Diamond Mike’s was housed during my stint at Tech -1978-82. I think it closed before I graduated in 82 but I do remember going in there a couple of times. Our best Friday night hangout was the bar at the west end of town, before the lift bridge; that had Double Bubble where beers were 2 for 1. And then after a few hours there, we would go to the Ambassador and get dinner and a Zombie. Oh the good ole days.
4/20/2009 11:50:30 AM by Anonymous
• Spanky's (owned by Don Kratt) was previously the Isle Royal bar, which closed about 1968 (just before I turned 21).
7/5/2016 9:57:06 PM by Anonymous
Name:Pat Kolka
MTU Class of:
I had my first date with my soon to be wife there. They had the best hamburgers in town. I was saddened to see it close.
7/6/2010 9:13:21 PM by Anonymous