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• Detroiter Selects Keweenaw Region for Retirement - Hunting of Canadian Geese has been good at Lake Bailey and its immediate environs, according to Howard F. Snure, owner of much of the acreage in the district which also includes much of the big lake area.Howard was in Houghton the other day coming to the Portage Lake district with Senator Leo H. Roy of Hancock. The two had spent a few days in the Keweenaw Big Silver area where Howard is building a large house.Formerly of Hasting St. Detroit 26, the Grosse Pointe area man is in love with the Keweenaw area he has recently purchased. The plot contains some 900 acres which were obtained from the Esrey estate, a land chunk which goes way back into the history of Michigan's tip Peninsula.Howard intends to spend most of his time in Keweenaw. Consequently he has disposed of most of his Lower Michigan interests and lives in current semi-retirement from the Amouip Co. of which he was president.He considers the Keweenaw Country something of an untouched primitive paradise. He is trying to learn its history, observe its scenery and get an insight into its geology, topography, and of course hunting. [Daily Mining Gazette Article, Saturday, October 25, 1958 Green Sheet]
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