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• Author Peter Morris makes a very good case that this photo was taken in 1870. However, the team name presumably does not refer to Hancock's First National Bank which wasn't organized until 1874. The players shown here are, front row: James Walls Trembath, second base; Archibald J. Scott, catcher; Thomas D. Meads, shortstop, captain; John T.V. Trembath, pitcher; and, Otto Charles Kunath, first base; back row: John Bittenbender, left field; Albert A. Brockway, center field; William Harry, third base; and, Joseph Johnson, right field.
10/2/2014 9:12:05 PM by John Haeussler
• Love this picture! My gg grandfather, Otto Kunath, is in the front row, far right. Saw it on the City of Hancock site (historical pics), but his name is spelled incorrectly there. M. Lamb
3/4/2011 8:10:51 PM by Anonymous