Spitzbergen Locations

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• Hello! My name is Ulf Gustafsson and i work together with researchers from MTU within the IPY Project: please note that the correct web address is www.lashipa.nl Best regardsUlf Gustafsson
3/31/2008 2:34:20 PM by Anonymous
• This photograph shows The Spitsbergen Coal and Trading Company’s camp, known as Advent City, on the east side of Advent Bay, across the bay from the Arctic Coal Company. Originally developed by the Norwegian company, Bergen Spitzbergen Kulgrubekompni, in 1903, it was bought out by the English company, The Spitsbergen Coal and Trading Company, in 1904. The operation was a failure and it closed in 1908. More information on the history of this company can be found in the report The Arctic Coal Company and Industrial Heritage on Svalbard. Research and Training in August 2004. This report is available on-line at www.lahsipa.nl under downloads.'Spitzbergen' is also spelled 'Spitsbergen,' and is now known as 'Svalbard.'
3/5/2008 6:31:49 PM by cchartne, Svalbard Researcher