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• This is not a photo of the World's Fair Load of Logs exhibited at the Chicago World's Fair from May through October 1893. That load had only 50 high quality similar size logs totaling 36,055 board feet (load height 33'3, weight 144 tons) and was the largest load hauled by a single team of horse. The hauling was done by Thomas Nester along the Ontonagon River in February 1893.The pictured load, with two team of horses hitched to it, is larger with 36,600 bf noted, but had almost twice as many logs, with varying size and some logs of poorer quality. This picture is likely from the same era, but the location is uncertain. One source places it in Western Marquette County. (MTU Archives Note: This was an anonymous response with no source provided for the information)"
5/20/2008 11:53:04 AM by Anonymous