Dams - Redridge

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• In the center area of this photo the researcher will notice that portions of a railroad trestle can be seen being erected which on completion ran over and above the spillway. In fact there were a total of three railroad trestles over the spillway. (1) near the dam (2) one that lead from the dam to the mill and (3) over the spillway on its way to the lower section of the mill, the mineral bin and lake shore.However, this spillway was undermined in 1905 due to improper building at the gates, and so a large section of this launder was undermined by heavy flow of water and timbers broke up and shot down the waterway and into Lake Superior. It was rebuilt in 1905-06 and with a heavy concrete base it was permanently set till the great flood of Easter Sunday, 1940, when the decaying spillway disintegrated as huge waves of water shot lake-ward. [Back of photograph]
11/8/2007 12:49:01 PM by Christine Holland, Archives