Green Lumber Co. - Ontonagon

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Name:Doug Karttunen
MTU Class of:1969
I am unaware of there ever being a Green Lumber Co. in Ontonagon. However, there was a Greenwood Lumber Compnay that operated a sawmill there from 1908 until the mid 1920s, and continued to run its lumber camps west of Ontonagon until the mid 1930s to supply wood the Ontongagon Fibre Company pulp mill. This looks to me to be one of the Greenwood Lumber Company camps that was located on the Iron River near Silver City. It was their last camp to operate. I am attaching another image of that camp when it was later being used as a bible and boyscout camp after the end of the Greenwood's logging operations, for comparison.

6/19/2012 3:00:43 PM by Anonymous