Railroads - Streetcars

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• I have seen a larger version of this photo, I beleive this is actually an accident between two trolleys, the one on the left looks to be off the track, plus the two cars are way to close together to be passing each other. Also looking at the trolley poles which collect the electrical power to move the cars, show direction by which way it is facing, the left car would be coming at us, the middle away from us. There is also a cable between the car at right and the middle car, hard to see in this smaller photo, but you can see it just below the headlight of the middle car, looks like the car on the right was going to try and pull the middle car back.
10/12/2007 5:36:25 PM by yooper557
• That street car scene has to be 1902 for two reasons determined from the sign on the street car which announces a hockey game Hockey! Pittsburg vs Portage Lake, 2 games at the Palace Ice Rink, Monday and Tuesday, March 10 and 11". The Palace ice rink, in Ripley, last saw hockey play by the Portage Lake team when the Amphidrome Ice rink, just across the Portage, in Houghton, opened for its first Portage Lake game December 26, 1902. Secondly, the dates "Monday and Tuesday, March 10 and 11", occurred only in 1902.Info from www.cchockeyhistory.org(submitted via email)"
12/11/2008 12:52:40 PM by Anonymous
• There is another photograph of a streetcar with a placard for a Pittsburgh hockey game: http://digarch.lib.mtu.edu/showbib.aspx?bib_id=603838#
12/11/2008 1:41:58 PM by Anonymous