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• This is Quincy's #1 & 2 mills in Mason, the photo appears to have been taken shortly after mill #2 was built (1900). The railroad track in the foreground would be the Quincy and Torch Lake RR. According to the Book Old Reliable", the second mill was openned in 1900. The Copper Range Railroad built through this area around 1902, their track was depressed below the tracks entering the mills. The book also has a map of this area done in 1902, the railroad track layout is completely changed, along with the Copper Range being there. So this photo appears to have been taken in between 1899-1902. Can't really tell if Mill #2 is operational, but there is smoke coming out of the stack, not heavy like the closer mill though. Also when zooming in close, there is a covered water tank behind mill #2 like one at the Quincy Railroad enginehouse at the mine site."
11/17/2007 12:06:57 PM by yooper557
• Think I may have to eat crow on the comment about the above photo being the Quincy #1 and #2 mills.But according to the new book Images of Rail, Copper Country Rail, this is the Osceola and Tamarack Mills with the Hancock and Calumet Railroad.Would still be pre 1902 as I don't see any trace of the Copper Range Railroad yet, it would be off to the left of the Hancock and Calumet
11/17/2008 8:03:34 PM by Anonymous