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• Here the steel plates are riveted in place with the exception of a few plates near the east end of the dam (east side). In the foreground are heavy debris of twigs, stumps, and swamplands which when the dam was completed was completely covered by many feet of water.The old Atlantic Mill's log dam can be seen in the left foreground. This too, was completely covered by water impounded by the steel dam.The log dam at its deepest point (channel) was some 40 feet deep but the steel dam at its deepest point (channel) was 75 feet deep.In the old days, when both the Atlantic and Baltic mills were operating, the dam often overflowed without any attention or worry or fear from the town residents. But, after the Atlantic Mill closed in 1912 and the Baltic in 1922, overflowing of the dam was so rare that in 1940 Easter Sunday, its flood waters spilling over the steel caused the news to be reported by the Associated Press worldwide, as a catastrophe, which in a way it was not.As of this date (Sept. 10, 1982) the steel dam has been relegated to the Department of Natural Resources as a historic monument, by the Copper Range Mining Company. [Back of photo]
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