Spitzbergen - Arctic Coal Company

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• This photograph shows a rail line running up hill to the Arctic Coal Company’s No.1 mine, coal storage pocket and aerial tramway terminal. The manager’s report of 1910 describes work made on the tramway that year: “This tramway was afterwards completed from the camp up to the mine, this part being placed on a trestle about five feet high, to keep it free from snow in the winter, and an electric haulage gear placed at the top for the purpose of hauling materials to the mine and for riding the men to and from work. This should increase the working efficiency about ten per cent as during the winter it requires about forty to forty five minutes to walk from the camp to the mine, while the men can be hauled up in about three minutes.” The improved tramway can be seen in running up the hill, across the photograph.This source is available in the MTU archives. Reference: Arctic Coal Company General Manager’s Report for the year ending October 27th, 1910. Jno. Gibson, Jr. General Manager, Arctic Coal Company, November 5th, 1910. Michigan Technological University Archives and Copper Country Historical Collections, Longyear Collection, MS-031, Box 4, Folder 23.
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