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• The reopening of one of the most prominent landmarks in Calumet, the Michigan House, will take place Friday, July 14. The transfer of the property to Pellberg, Inc., a locally owned corporation, was announced today by Willard Paulson, Manager of the property for Pellberg.Paulson stated that renovations and extensive maintenace have been performed by the new owner over the past few months to provide the public with a place providing a most pleasant atmosphere. The first floor area of the Michigan House, contains the famous Bosch bar with its large, original Bavarian scene oil mural and a newly decorated entertainment area.The dining room will feature reasonably priced, man-sized meals. It is the intent of the management to provide special services to groups, organizations, and private parties. Music for dancing will be provided five nights a week during the summer months and on the weekends at other times. Customers will be greeted by waitresses in Bavarian costumes to complement the bar decor and mural. The Michigan House also houses eight apartments, which will be redecorated as required along with the outside of the building in the future. [Daily Mining Gazette Article - Wednesday July 12, 1972, page 5.]
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