Calumet and Hecla

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• Inside the Ahmeek #3 & 4 shaft/rock house. The shafts diverged at a 42 degree angle and each had 2 skipways. Judging by the dust on the left way of the left shaft I would guess a skip has just come up and is dumping or has just dumped and is on the way back down. Also, on the right and left sides of the pic are 2 sets of rails that come out of pits in the horizontal and end in the vertical. If I am remembering correctly, the pits are where the man-cars are stored. During normal operation the skips are moving down to collect rock then moving up to dump it into the rock house for crushing and separating. When men need to be moved, the skips are pulled up and secured, and the hoist cable is detached. Ropes (several are hanging in the pic) are then connected to a horizontal man-car and the car pulled up the tracks to the vertical. It is then swung over to the shaft, attached to the rails, connected to the hoist cable, and loaded with men. Once the men are down or up, the car is swung out of the way and the skip resumes hauling.
12/29/2009 12:44:15 PM by dalongpre