Spitzbergen - Arctic Coal Company

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• The Arctic Coal Company constructed this hut in 1907 as a way to augment its food supply through hunting. Hunting here was generally unsuccessful and the company complained about over killing by tourists and irresponsible Norwegian hunting practices. An exploration party, independent of the company, visited the hut in May 1913. Dr. Rüdiger later wrote of the hut: “In the hut were all sorts of provisions and utensils and the first indications of approaching civilization – empty beer bottles with the inscription “Bayrisk Øl.” The hut itself was small, with three bunks, one above the other, fireplace, table, and chairs set out: it had as a tiny Vorraum [vestibule], a horse-stall, and outside a two-wheeled cart . . .” (Dole, N., 1922. America in Spitsbergen, The Romance of an Arctic Coal-Mine, Boston : Marshall-Jones Company. P194.)
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