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Mass City

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Company Towns, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees Mass City [Photo of Mass City from a distance]

Scanned: October 2, 2007

Recreation - Camping

Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Camping, Woody Plants, Trees, Seasons Tents on edge of wildflower field. [A group of tents are pictured near what may be a bluff.]

Scanned: April 7, 2010

Buildings - Calumet & Hecla - Housing

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Woody Plants, Trees, Transportation, Roads C & H Housing [One of the homes wears a sign stating "Lake Linden Ave." Two well-dressed little girls lean against a telephone or light pole.]

Scanned: October 22, 2008

Seasons - Winter

Transportation, Roads, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees This is the almost impenetrable road which leads one from M-26 into the Winona area. It is almost impossible to get to the King Philip Shaft via car once the area of the nearby Sleeping River is reached. [Image of snow-covered trees and snow banks.]

Scanned: December 6, 2006


Persons, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher, Woody Plants, Trees Far from being treed, these men know exactly what they are talking about. They are Swede Larson forester for the Marathon Corp., Prof. Gene Hesterberg and scaling the log, Prof. Helmuth Steinhilb, all of whom were prominent in the recent field demonstration tour of Michigan Techs Alberta Forestry Center. Prof. Steinhilb dealt extensively on grading, while Dr. Hesterberg, forest pathologist of the schools forestry department explained the relation of defect in green standing timber to development of cull. [Two of the men look on while the other scales logs.]

Scanned: December 3, 2007

Cities & Towns - Copper Harbor

Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees, Copper Harbor Parade Grounds [A group of buildings sit in a field of wild flowers. A tent is also pictured.]

Scanned: March 18, 2008

Cities & Towns - Copper Harbor

Buildings, Armed Forces, Soldiers, Woody Plants, Trees Copper Harbor Barracks [Image of a row of log cabins.]

Scanned: March 18, 2008

Tech Trails

Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Students excercising on the Tech Trails - Laura Woodbeck, Jay Woodbeck, Patrick Sill and Danielle Linna.

Scanned: March 14, 2011

Nara Nature Park Hike

Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Woody Plants, Trees, Parks Students in the summer program hike in the Nara Nature Park

Scanned: March 14, 2011

MTU Student Organizations - Outdoor Adventure Program

Persons, Woody Plants, Trees, MTU Outdoor Adventure Program - Rincone, Puerto Rico Jungle

Scanned: March 15, 2011