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Railroads - Copper Range

Railroads, Cars, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Theyve earned their rest. There are 25 railway cars in this string but not all are shown in the photo. The Copper Range wooden coal and copper ore cars have been in service since before World War No. 1. Now they have been put out to pasture near the slag pile of the one-time Michigan smelter. The cars were purchased without sideboards. To give them greater capacity the auxiliary planks were added. Many of the cars will still be used if the lines steel cars are too few. But most are on the way out. They were especially busy during the years when the Copper Range coal dock was in use. Many is the load of coal they carried for the Wolverine, Mohawk, Champion, Trimountain, Baltic and other mines. They have also transported coal to the Atlas Powder Co. [Photo of the retired cars sitting on tracks near the lake.]

Scanned: November 21, 2007


Persons, Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Trees These tree trunks are immediately outside the Cy Wedge cottage at Otter Lake. The men point out the part of the trunk where small boats used to be tied. Since the silting of the Sturgeon River became heavy this depressed area filled with fine grained material so that the old lake bed is covered in the area. Now these trees are a half-mile from the Otter Lake shoreline. From left, Roy Bekkala, Wesley Myllyla, Toivo Lahti and Fred Biekkola. [The four men point to the area of the tree where the boats were tied.]

Scanned: December 3, 2007

Floods - Jacob's Creek

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Water, Woody Plants, Trees A Keweenaw County resident braves the rushing waters of flooded Jacob's Creek late Wednesday afternoon, standing on an impromptu "safety island" in the center of what once was a 1,000 foot stretch of Highway M-26, about three miles north of Eagle River. A couple of hours later almost half of the motel at left broke off and was swept away in the flow. The flash flood, believed caused by the bursting of a series of beaver dams, uprooted huge trees and boulders, leaving giant mounds of debris in its wake. [Image of the rushing waters and the Northern Motel it is about to consume.]

Scanned: February 16, 2009

Lighthouses - Jacobsville

Aids to Navigation, Lighthousers, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees The old Jacobsville Lighthouse . This was a valued beacon in days before 1913 when Jacobsville sandstone found outlets in scattered states of the union. Much of the redstone was shipped by boat and thousands of craft have used its beams to guide them to Portage Lake and the Keweenaw Waterway. The lighthouse is an attraction of Houghton County. [Good image of the lighthouse sitting on a hill with rickety steps leading to it.]

Scanned: October 23, 2007

Portage Lake

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Buildings Overlooking Portage Lake from the Highlands - Hancock. [Panoramic view of Portage Lake and surrounding area.]

Scanned: June 15, 2009


Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, Woody Plants, Trees, Houghton Douglass Falls - Calumet [Image of the falls tumbling over the rocky cliff.]

Scanned: June 15, 2009

Lake Fanny Hooe

Water, Lakes, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees View of Lake Fanny-Hooe - Copper Harbor

Scanned: June 15, 2009

Presque Isle

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Landforms Scene at Presque Isle [A rocky cliff with trees and Lake Superior]

Scanned: June 16, 2009

Presque Isle

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Landforms The Cove at Presque Isle [A rock formation juts out into the lake.]

Scanned: June 16, 2009

Lakes - Mosquito Lake

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Mosquito Lake Near Copper Harbor

Scanned: June 16, 2009