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Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees Come the end of June and the motorists out of Arnheim and within the bounds of the Sturgeon River will be able to use a new bridge. The structure will be a prestressed I-beam type with a poured concrete deck. It will replace the current structure which is of the truss type. Here is the old structure which soon will be removed. [A car travels over the soon to be destroyed bridge.]

Scanned: January 20, 2009

Buildings - Cabins

Buildings, Dwellings, Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees [Cabin nestled in the trees. A statue of what appears to be the Virgin Mary sits on a raised garden platform near the driveway. A van is parked in the driveway.]

Scanned: November 15, 2010

Rail Yards - Houghton

Woody Plants, Trees, Water, Lakes, Transportation, Railroads Scene on the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Rail Yard near Houghton. [View of rail yard near the lake.]

Scanned: June 23, 2009


Water, Transportation, Woody Plants, Trees View near Carp River, Lake Superior from "Report on the Geology of the Lake Superior Land Part II" by Foster and Whitney [Drawing of a boat pulling into a harbor, (Michigan Tech Centennial Page xx)]

Scanned: December 13, 2007

Roads - Ontonagon

Transportation, Roads, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees On the Ontonagon Road [A horse and buggy stops in the middle of a dirt road. A man stands by the carriage.]

Scanned: June 11, 2009

Roads - M-26

Transportation, Roads, Woody Plants, Trees, Wild bear in front of Devil's Wash Tub M-26 Keweenaw Co. Mich. [A bear takes a stroll on the highway]

Scanned: February 25, 2009


Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees Keweenaw Central Snowplow "Battleship Elaine" [Image of the snowplow. A man can be seen looking out of the "port hole", three others pose standing on the plow.]

Scanned: November 20, 2006


Transportation, Railroads, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees Keweenaw Central at Mandan [Train is stopped at small Mandan depot.]

Scanned: November 20, 2006

Railroads - Mineral Range

Transportation, Railroads, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees [The engine and some of the cars are stopped on a high trestle with a gorge below. Some of the railroad employees pose with the train.]

Scanned: August 12, 2008

Copper Mines & Mining - Copper Range Mining Company

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Transportation, Roads, Woody Plants, Trees From dispensary - looking down hill toward #3 shaft (also called "D"). [View of a wooded road leading to the mine shaft. A horse head hitching post is visible to the right of the photo.]

Scanned: December 4, 2008