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Railroad Water Tank

Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees This evidence of a bygone era in railroading is still standing at Lake Mine, the once active mining property in Ontonagon County not far from Greenland. The property of the Copper Range Railroad, the tank rests in an area of heavy snow. To the left is a once-mined bluff, while to the right is the road to Nissula and Alston. [Photo of the water tank in winter. Snow covered trees in background.]

Scanned: August 14, 2007

Temporary Housing Units

Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees, Seasons, Winter Temporary Housing Units, The Barracks [These buildings were leased from the National Housing Authority (Michigan Tech Centennial Page 97)]

Scanned: April 10, 2008

Ford Forestry Center

Seasons, Woody Plants, Trees, Ford Forestry Center - Alberta, MI. Photo taken at the restoration project at the Ford Forestry Center organized by Student Activities.

Scanned: March 14, 2011

Isle Royale Wolf/Moose Research

Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Isle Royale Wolf/Moose Research School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

Scanned: March 14, 2011


Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees Keweenaw Central Snowplow "Battleship Elaine" [Image of the snowplow. A man can be seen looking out of the "port hole", three others pose standing on the plow.]

Scanned: November 20, 2006

MTU Campus Mall

Seasons, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher, Woody Plants, Trees Students walking to class on a Fall day

Scanned: March 16, 2011

Sperr Hall

Buildings, Seasons, Woody Plants, Trees M.C.M. Building from front yard [Sperr Hall and other buildings on Campus]

Scanned: May 2, 2007

Angelique and Charlie Mott- Cabins

Seasons, Winter, Buildings, Dwellings, Woody Plants, Trees [Illistration from "Wolf's Eye" Vol. 5, No. 4a. "Carlie and Angelique Mott: A tragic but true story of Isle Royal." Depicts the living quarters of Charlie and Angelique Mott while they were staying on Mott island.]

Scanned: November 1, 2011

Buildings - Homes

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Woody Plants, Trees, Seasons Dr. Aldrich Home [Exterior view of the residence with a wooden fence.]

Scanned: February 22, 2010

President McNair's Residence

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Woody Plants, Trees, Seasons President McNair's Residence on Campus [Image of a gothic looking building with an apple tree in front.]

Scanned: February 23, 2010