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Transportation - Railroads

Transportation, Railroads, Woody Plants, Trees, Pictured is the McKeever section of track back in the days when it was pushing forward toward Lake Mine, Winona, Painesdale and Houghton near the turn of the century. The town of McKeever is named for R. T. McKeever, a late general manager of the line. There are two Y turns within the hamlet. One Y services the Milwaukee Road while the other is on the property of the Copper Range. [Image of miles and miles of track veering off in different directions.]

Scanned: March 31, 2009

Railroad Water Tank

Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees This evidence of a bygone era in railroading is still standing at Lake Mine, the once active mining property in Ontonagon County not far from Greenland. The property of the Copper Range Railroad, the tank rests in an area of heavy snow. To the left is a once-mined bluff, while to the right is the road to Nissula and Alston. [Photo of the water tank in winter. Snow covered trees in background.]

Scanned: August 14, 2007

Railroads - Round House

Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Roundhouses (Railroads), Woody Plants, Trees, [Photo of the QTLRR round house, Quincy Hill with a railroad car peeking out of the stone building.]

Scanned: October 25, 2007

Rail Yards - Houghton

Woody Plants, Trees, Water, Lakes, Transportation, Railroads Scene on the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Rail Yard near Houghton. [View of rail yard near the lake.]

Scanned: June 23, 2009


Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees Keweenaw Central Snowplow "Battleship Elaine" [Image of the snowplow. A man can be seen looking out of the "port hole", three others pose standing on the plow.]

Scanned: November 20, 2006


Transportation, Railroads, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees Keweenaw Central at Mandan [Train is stopped at small Mandan depot.]

Scanned: November 20, 2006

Railroads - Mineral Range

Transportation, Railroads, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees [The engine and some of the cars are stopped on a high trestle with a gorge below. Some of the railroad employees pose with the train.]

Scanned: August 12, 2008

Railroads - Copper Range

Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Woody Plants, Trees [Impressive photo of the train on an elaborate trestle.]

Scanned: April 28, 2009

Railroads - Soo Line

Railroads, Cars, Woody Plants, Trees, Artificial Ground - This lonely boxcar is resting on the Isle Royale Sands, originally a broad area with some 15,000,000 tons. Yet, before 1900, the sands were non-existent. Only within the past few years have freight cars been removing sand and bringing in raw materials for the manufacture of concrete blocks. The lonely Soo Line boxcar carried cement for use by the Superior Block Co., a firm which has its plant on the sands. Soon the South Shore Railroad will begin moving a considerable tonnage to ballast its tracks. [Image of a single boxcar sitting on the sands. The highway can also be seen.]

Scanned: August 27, 2007


Railroads, Cars, Transportation, Railroads, Woody Plants, Trees Copper Range Rock Train switching at Painesdale [The train travels through an area lined with trees.]

Scanned: July 24, 2007