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Saint Joseph Hospital

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Old St. Joseph's Hospital [from across the lake]

Scanned: June 1, 2006

Floods - Jacob's Creek

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Water, Woody Plants, Trees A Keweenaw County resident braves the rushing waters of flooded Jacob's Creek late Wednesday afternoon, standing on an impromptu "safety island" in the center of what once was a 1,000 foot stretch of Highway M-26, about three miles north of Eagle River. A couple of hours later almost half of the motel at left broke off and was swept away in the flow. The flash flood, believed caused by the bursting of a series of beaver dams, uprooted huge trees and boulders, leaving giant mounds of debris in its wake. [Image of the rushing waters and the Northern Motel it is about to consume.]

Scanned: February 16, 2009