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MTU Student Organizations - Outdoor Adventure Program

Persons, Woody Plants, Trees, MTU Outdoor Adventure Program - Rincone, Puerto Rico Jungle

Scanned: March 15, 2011

MTU Student Organizations - Community Services

Persons, Woody Plants, Trees, Ford Forestry Center Restoration Project organized by Student Activities

Scanned: March 15, 2011

Copper Harbor Parade Grounds

Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Copper Harbor Parade Grounds [A group of people have a rest near a cabin in a field of daisies.]

Scanned: June 10, 2009

MTU Campus Mall

Persons, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher, Woody Plants, Trees Students walking between classes

Scanned: March 16, 2011


Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees [Men and children pose for a photo outside of their home. Two of the men stand near the fence and a third man sits on a ladder leading to the roof. A little girl sitting on the fence post appears to be crying while a boy stands off to the side.]

Scanned: March 25, 2011


Persons, Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Trees [A man guides his boat, using a pole, through a lake crowded with logs. The boat has an American flag and the man is wearing a vest and tie.]

Scanned: July 21, 2009


Persons, Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Trees [Several men look as though they are diverting logs in a stream.]

Scanned: July 21, 2009