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Agriculture, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Modern Type Potato Sprayer [A man drives a potato sprayer through a crop field.]

Scanned: June 26, 2007


Persons, Agriculture, Woody Plants, Trees Mr. and Mrs. Noah Robinson are among the Copper Country's largest flower growers. They grow about 10,000 to 12,000 glads. Glads are a member of the iris family of bulbous flowers. The Robinsons are members of the National Gladiolus Council. They have commercial varieties and these have taken many championships and blue ribbons. Among the varieties that Mr. and Mrs. Robinson raise are Ares, Regina, San Souci, Spotlight, Valeria and many others. His farm is located on US41, opposite the Onigaming Yacht Club. Visitors are always welcome and Mr. Robinson will graciously show his glads to Copper Country admirers. [The Robinsons are pictured picking flowers from their field.]

Scanned: November 2, 2007