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Cities and Towns - Unidentified

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Buildings, Seasons, Winter, Winter Storms Unidentified Town [A group of pedestrians travel down a snow covered street. One of them carries a shovel. It appears that a winter storm is in progress. Very high snow banks line both sides of the street. The only sign visible is one for the Gertz Furniture store.]

Scanned: June 12, 2008

Snow Removal

Seasons, Winter, Winter Storms, Street Cleaning, Snow Removal, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns Snow removal in the Copper Country has reached a high degree of efficiency. Shelden Avenue in Houghton is pictured after a heavy storm that reach blizzard proportions. With a total fall of five feet thus far this season, it will appear phenomenal to an outsider to see the streets cleaned almost down to the bare sidewalk. Snow researchers from foreign countries come to the CC to study local methods and equipment. [Image of the snow removal process in downtown Houghton.]

Scanned: August 10, 2007