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Schools - Copper Harbor

Buildings, Public Buildings, Seasons, Winter, Education Most northerly schoolhouse in Michigan is this near snowbound building at Copper Harbor. Taught by the teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mills, the children of the institution are hardy and like their one-room school. The Harbor, too, has gained much favorable publicity because of the presence of the structure in the region. About 17 youngsters are in attendance at the schoolhouse now but the early fall enrollment was 23. Some of these have departed because of the cessation of tourist activities in early fall. [Exterior view of the schoolhouse.]

Scanned: January 29, 2009

Buildings -Post Office

Buildings, Public Buildings, Carriers, Postal Service, Seasons, Winter [Image of the Jacobsville Post Office in winter. Signs for Coca Cola and Vernor's Ginger Ale are displayed on the front of the building.]

Scanned: November 2, 2006