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Snow Roller on Lake Shore Road in Stanton Township

Seasons, Winter, Local Transit, In the first and second decades of this century, the townships all had their own highway departments. It was only in the 1930s tat the country took over all highway building and maintenance. This photo of the snow roller used to pank down highway snows belonged to the Staton Township Highway Dept. It was driven by various local farmers on a day wage basis and contained sand or other heavy material. From 1880 right up to 1930 the roads were primarily used by horses and sleighs and buggies. But in the mid-1920s the Houghton County Road Commission started to use motorized plows, and even a snow blower in 1921 experimentally. It was a very primitive machine. This photo was taken by a member of the Zurcher family in front of whose home the photo was taken.

Scanned: February 5, 2014

Electric Car in Winter

Seasons, Winter, Local Transit, Street, Railroads, [Street car traveling through a wooded area during winter.]

Scanned: August 30, 2012