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Three women

Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Water, Lakes, Margaret Nelson and two of her friends swimming at Lake Superior. Circa 1915. [Three women pose on a beach]

Scanned: November 8, 2007

Eagle Harbor U.S. Life Saving Station

Aids to Navigation, Life-Saving Stations, Buildings, Water U.S. Life Saving Station, Eagle Harbor, MI [Image of the station from the water. Scanned from a xerox copy.]

Scanned: June 16, 2010

Aerial Views - Copper Harbor

Seasons, Buildings, Water, Lakes Aerial photo - Copper Harbor

Scanned: March 14, 2011

Shipwrecks - America

Accidents, Marine Accidents, Shipwrecks, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees [Image of the half submerged America. United States & Dominion Transportation Company - Duluth - Port Author - Isle Royale Route is printed on its bow.]

Scanned: March 12, 2007

Winter Scene

Seasons, Winter, Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, Persons [A group of men have some fun near a frozen waterfall.]

Scanned: June 11, 2009

Campus Buildings

Scenic Views, Scenic Byways, Buildings, Water, Lakes Fall color tour on Mont Ripley during Family Weekend 2009

Scanned: March 11, 2011


Ships, Passenger Ships, Ferries, Water, Lakes, Persons Valerie and Pilgrim. [Image of the two vessels on Portage Lake.]

Scanned: December 1, 2008

Country Life

Persons, Buildings, Water, Lakes [A man sits in a field area by the side of a dirt road. A barn-like building with a chimney stands near a lake. The dirt road leads to a building that may be a farm.]

Scanned: July 22, 2009

Eagle Harbor

Geography, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Water, Lakes Eagle Harbor looking South with highway [Aerial view of Eagle Harbor and the surrounding area]

Scanned: March 1, 2007

Copper Harbor

Geography, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Water, Lakes Copper Harbor and Lake Fanny Hooe [Aerial view of Copper Harbor and Lake Fanny Hooe (bottom right corner of photograph)]

Scanned: March 1, 2007