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Harbors, Docks, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Water [Photo of what may be Copper Harbor showing the dock and the Isle Royale Dining Room building with a large "Food" sign on the roof.]

Scanned: October 25, 2007

Dams - Redridge

Disasters, Earthwork, Dams, Water Redridge Steel Dam going over at flood stage on Easter Sunday 1941. The pressure of water was so great that the "gates" of the spillway were beginning to collapse, one by one until there were none left out of the six that were holding the water back. In 1947, the Copper Range Company decided to lower the water in the steel dam down to its lowest point at lower pipe level. In 1978 the company sent two men with torches to cut four large holes in the bottom of the steel each 4 ft. by 6 ft. to permit all water to escape after each spring flood run-off. Only the Atlantic Mining Company's log dam remains to impound water from the Salmon Trout River. [Image of the overflow of water rushing through the dam.]

Scanned: May 4, 2009

Buildings - Bath House

Buildings, Public Buildings, Public Baths, Water, Persons Calumet & Hecla Bath House Pool [View of the interior of the bath house showing a man standing next to the pool]

Scanned: September 19, 2007

Lumber Industry

Forest Products Industry, Water, Woody Plants, Trees Worcester Lumber Company, Chassell, MI [View from across the water of the large stacks of planed lumber on the docks.]

Scanned: July 24, 2008

U. S. Coast Guard Lookout

Water, Lakes, Aids to Navigation, U. S. Coast Guard Lookout, Eagle Harbor, Mich. [View of the tower placed near a rocky shore line.]

Scanned: November 23, 2010

Shipwrecks - Wenona

Accidents, Marine Accidents, Shipwrecks, Water, Lakes, Brg. Wenona (Mrs. Gray) [Photo of the ship resting very close to the shore]

Scanned: February 16, 2007

Calumet and Hecla

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Water, Lakes, Persons Intake Shaft at C & H Waterworks [A diver, assisted by several men, prepares to investigate the lake.]

Scanned: December 18, 2009

Copper Harbot

Water, Lakes, , Copper Harbor

Scanned: June 3, 2014

Bond Falls

Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, Woody Plants, Trees, Bond Falls [Rather dark photo of the falls.

Scanned: April 22, 2010

Freighter - Waldo

Locomotion, Boats and Boating, Industries, Water Wrecked "Str. L. C. Waldo" Manitou Island, Lake Superior, N.E. Gale November 8, 1913. 24 Persons resqued by A. F. Glaza, Eagle Harbor and Portage Savers.

Scanned: December 16, 2014