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Railroad Construction Scene

Railroad Companies, Water, Rivers, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Railroad Construction Scene - 3 unidentified people [A photo of three people standing by a small creek. Several piles of railroad ties appear in the background. The original photo is pretty dark.]

Scanned: April 7, 2006

Biography - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hennes

Persons, Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Picture taken at Niagra Falls, New York. Mr. Joseph Hennes, Mrs. Elizabeth Hennes, Louis Hennes, Olive J. Hennes. They went to Buffalo, N.Y. to bring the tug - Annie R. Hennes to Houghton, Michigan. [The family sits on a park bench with the falls in the background.]

Scanned: December 17, 2007

Jacob Creek Falls

Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, , Jacob Creek Falls in Keweenaw County

Scanned: November 10, 2010

Douglass Houghton Falls

Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, , Douglass Houghton Falls between Lake Linden and Laurium M-26

Scanned: November 11, 2010

Bond Falls

Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, , Upper Michigans Bond Falls - Tumbling over the black rocks in a series of cataracts, the Ontonagon River hurries along through the wilds on its way to Lake Superior.

Scanned: November 11, 2010

Princess Point Map

Water, Rivers, Excavation, Dredging, Vicinity of Princess Point Portage River, Mich. Lake Superior [War Department Map of the Portage River inlet at Jacobsville, Mich.]

Scanned: December 5, 2005

Dredging of Ontonagon River

Harbors, Water, Rivers, Aids to Navigation, Lighthousers [Aerial photograph showing large dredge in the Ontonagon River. Ontonagon lighthouse is visible in foreground, while a bridge and some of the downtown buildings can be seen in the background. Note on back reads "1940s Fish houses and boats from left to right: 1. Gus Johnson and Charlie Carlson, 2. Earl Couture boat "Eagle," 3. Russ Couture, and 4. Grub, Casey, Lester Jones, and Norman Jones."]

Scanned: August 4, 2006

Ontonagon Looking North-West Down River

Harbors, Water, Rivers, Industries [View from bluff looking toward town. Industrial buildings are visible on both sides of river, as well as several boats.]

Scanned: August 4, 2006

The Diamond Match mill before the fire at Ontonagon, Michigan

Forest Products Industry, Lumbering, Water, Rivers, Industries [Industrial site with buildings, railcars and a smokestack. Logs can be seen floating in water at the center of the photo.]

Scanned: August 4, 2006

Loading Diamond Match island mill

Forest Products Industry, Lumbering, Water, Rivers, Industries [Large two masted ship being loaded with lumber. Large piles of lumber are visible, with a industrial building and smokestack in the background. Diamond Match operated this plant at Ontonagon, Michigan.]

Scanned: August 4, 2006