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The Diamond Match mill before the fire at Ontonagon, Michigan

Forest Products Industry, Lumbering, Water, Rivers, Industries [Industrial site with buildings, railcars and a smokestack. Logs can be seen floating in water at the center of the photo.]

Scanned: August 4, 2006

Loading Diamond Match island mill

Forest Products Industry, Lumbering, Water, Rivers, Industries [Large two masted ship being loaded with lumber. Large piles of lumber are visible, with a industrial building and smokestack in the background. Diamond Match operated this plant at Ontonagon, Michigan.]

Scanned: August 4, 2006

Town of Hancock

Forest Products Industry, Water, Rivers, Industries View of Hancock showing Sturgeon River and Moralees Saw Mills, published by R. Acton. [View of Hancock taken from the Houghton side.]

Scanned: March 6, 2006

Lumber Mills

Forest Products Industry, Lumbering, Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork, Saw Mills, Water, Rivers Sturgeon River Log Co. Mill - Chassell [Shot of the mill and dock area. Three men with long poles stand by the river's edge]

Scanned: May 22, 2006


Forest Products Industry, Lumbering, Logging, Log Transportation, Log Driving, Manpower, Labor, Skilled Labor, Water, Rivers Lumbering in Kenton, MI. [Photo shows lumbermen and teams of horses guiding enormous amounts of cut logs downstream.]

Scanned: March 6, 2006