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Cities and Towns - Lac La Belle

Persons, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Lac La Belle [People sitting on shore of lake. Boats and buildings in distance.]

Scanned: April 5, 2006


Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Fall River, L'Anse [Three men stand on the bank of the river.]

Scanned: June 28, 2006


Water, Lakes, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Scenery - Three Lakes [A man dressed in a suit stands in a grassy field near a lake.]

Scanned: August 24, 2006

Rivers - Pilgrim River

Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Pilgrim River Foot Bridge [A man guides a little girl wearing a dress across a narrow path above the rushing waters of the river.]

Scanned: February 11, 2010


Persons, Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Trees These tree trunks are immediately outside the Cy Wedge cottage at Otter Lake. The men point out the part of the trunk where small boats used to be tied. Since the silting of the Sturgeon River became heavy this depressed area filled with fine grained material so that the old lake bed is covered in the area. Now these trees are a half-mile from the Otter Lake shoreline. From left, Roy Bekkala, Wesley Myllyla, Toivo Lahti and Fred Biekkola. [The four men point to the area of the tree where the boats were tied.]

Scanned: December 3, 2007

Lake Fanny Hooe

Water, Lakes, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees View of Lake Fanny-Hooe - Copper Harbor

Scanned: June 15, 2009

Waterfalls - Chocolay River

Persons, Water, Rivers, Waterfalls, Woody Plants, Trees Falls on West Branch of Chocolay River [A man stands on a cliff near the falls.]

Scanned: June 22, 2009

MTU Ford Forestry Center

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Fall at the Ford Forestry Center at Alberta, MI

Scanned: March 11, 2011

Clay Pits

Persons, Water, Woody Plants, Trees Clay Pits - William Johnson Farm [A man sits on the banks of a body of muddy looking water.]

Scanned: February 22, 2010


Persons, Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Trees [A man guides his boat, using a pole, through a lake crowded with logs. The boat has an American flag and the man is wearing a vest and tie.]

Scanned: July 21, 2009