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Bete Gris

Geography, Water, Water, Lakes Bete Gris - Lac La Belle boat channel - channel to left [Aerial view of the Lac La Belle boat channel]

Scanned: March 1, 2007

Recreation - Beaches

Persons, Water, Lakes, Recreation Area [Three women raise their skirts and wade in the cool water. The men sit on shore under an umbrella.]

Scanned: July 22, 2009

Recreation - Beaches

Persons, Water, Lakes, Recreation Area [A group of people gather at what may be the Freda Beach. Most of the women are dressed in dark, heavy Victorian clothing.]

Scanned: July 22, 2009

Railroads - Quincy and Torch Lake

Transportation, Railroads, Water, Lakes, Human Settlements Engine #6 and 12 rock cars just leaving yards - photo taken from #6 rock house - view looks across Portage Lake towards Houghton and Isle Royale mines. [Image gives a fair view of Houghton waterfront and settlement.]

Scanned: February 2, 2010

Ships - Sailor Boy

Harbors, Docks, Water, Lakes, Ships, Passenger Ships Sailor Boy at Hancock side of canal. [Picture of the ship at dock. A few passengers can be seen on board.]

Scanned: March 12, 2007

Ships - Mahoning

Locomotion, Boats and Boating, Water, Lakes, Ships Mahoning - Pennsylvania Railroad [Image of the ship on the water.]

Scanned: April 12, 2007

Shipwrecks - Bransford

Accidents, Marine Accidents, Shipwrecks, Water, Lakes, Locomotion, Boats and Boating, Workboats Wrecked at Isle Royale [Image of the freighter with smoke billowing out of the stack.]

Scanned: March 6, 2007